How To Find Criminal Defense Attorney

Of course it’s innocent until proven guilty, but let’s face it, there are some Law Offices of Raoul Severo crimes that the accused is tried and convicted before they even set foot in a court of law. Those big headline cases are often tried in the press before they even get to court. You can rest assured that in these cases the accused has the best lawyer money can buy to represent them. They know they are going to have a harder time than most. But what about the average Joe, the guy who isn’t tried in the press before going to trial? Well, he deserves the best criminal defense attorney too.

Finding a Federal Defense Attorney California can be kind of tricky. Sure there are lots of them around but can each of them handle the specific case at hand? That’s the problem that you or a loved one might be facing. Each crime has its specific set of statutes, laws, and regulations that may or may not apply to any other type of infraction. A DUI shouldn’t be handled by the same person who is handling a child endangerment case, or vice versa. A robbery shouldn’t be handled by someone specializing in murders. The point is you should know what type of law your potential lawyer practices before you ever hire him.

When you are looking to hire a Criminal defense lawyer have a list of questions to ask before you hire him. Remember he will be working to represent you so you should interview a few before you make your decision. Of course, time is short and you need representation as soon as possible so make your list brief. You should ask what area of law he specializes in, what his win/loss ratio is, how much the hourly rate is and how much he bills. These are all important factors to hiring someone that is not only the best for your case, but someone you can afford.

  • Dedicated counsel throughout your case
  • Insight into the criminal process
  • Protection of your rights and interests
  • Understanding of the charges and penalties you face

Don’t think that you can’t afford anyone and will have to settle for a public defender. Depending on the type of case that you have against you some criminal defense attorneys will take on pro bono cases.
No matter what, you should have someone to represent you at your trial. Having a criminal defense attorney on hand will help to ensure that you are getting the legal advice that you need. He will be able to assess your case and tell you what your best course of action is. If there is no way to prove your innocenceScience Articles, then he can help you to ensure that you get the best sentencing you can.

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